Global purchasing is not easy to want to buy genuine luxury Michael Kors UK countries to send back
Professional buyers said miss du, authentic act as purchasing agency profits at around 10%. But in coastal areas, there are a lot of high imitation luxury goods manufacturers. Who claims to be purchased overseas website, from here to buy bag, send abroad, sold to the domestic act as purchasing agency again after the foreign customers.
Accept the inspection, logistics, store receipts abroad, under the temptation of spread at home and abroad, this kind of "not out, for the global" has become the darling of the consumers. The face of it, manual, insurance card, store receipts from soup to nuts, logistics information from abroad to enter inside to check, in fact, receipts are printed, logistics is built of empty, the product is high copy. Overseas purchasing a fake "distribution center" left a thinking: who should investigate? Who is going to investigate?
ti A day trip, send empty container, buy small notes
"Luxury goods before buying back where I all dare not to promise the buyer is and can be online always some shopkeepers, like a magician, a month to sell hundreds of has not production method of the old color bag, and the price as low as two or three fold, this possible?" Mr French students, taobao bought the owner list and reporters. Same money belt, in taobao's generation of purchasing price range from several hundred to several thousand yuan. Counters receipts is complete, the logistics Michael kors uk outlet information is complete, and claim to "shop inspection", it must be the real thing? To act as purchasing agency shop owner and buyer reporters found means of fraud.
Tips: 1, tourism turns into "authentic" Michael Kors UK
Professional buyers said miss du, authentic act as purchasing agency profits at around 10%. But in coastal areas, there are a lot of high imitation luxury goods manufacturers. Who claims to be purchased overseas website, from here to buy bag, send abroad, sold to the domestic act as purchasing agency again after the foreign customers. "Especially the big-ticket items such as Michael kors uk handbags handbags, cost up to thousands of yuan, the price is as high as tens of thousands of yuan or even hundreds of thousands of yuan." She revealed, "one-day tour" can make several ten thousand yuan, even France also has a special sale website, convenient to buy under the single, in fact website source is from domestic.
Tips 2: send empty forge "logistics"
Taobao shop owner bought young lady said that consumers are increasingly high vigilance, logistics is also increasingly common. Consumers are demanding postal logistics certificate from abroad, many sellers will find foreign friends send back empty boxes, manufacturing logistics credentials. "Around a lot of students in group mail box, earn extra money." Tips 3: receipts also can be made "private"
Miss he said, before buy luxury brands to see small notes, identity CARDS, basic can be identified. Now on the Internet is very convenient to buy overseas act as purchasing agency false notes, ranging from $10 to $40 high imitation fake receipts can easily fake Chinese Hong Kong, Singapore, France counters notes. "Counters generally will not provide this appraisal services." Reporter discovery, although "act as purchasing agency receipts" has been as a sensitive search words are blocked, but in taobao search "luxury packaging" can find the 70 pages of results. Customer service said, invoices, receipts, 65 yuan can get luxury POS list, dust bag and so on a set of products, Michael kors uk outlet also can be customized "Hong Kong shop" or "French shoppe. activist Most of the brands do not provide counters inspection services
In order to standardize the market, many electric business platform with global purchasing such as certification, but failed to plug the hole fraud completely. Although taobao "global purchase", says Mr Single certification need to provide logistics, purchase invoices, etc, but not every single. Many global purchase and the owner is true and false and to sell, and only for the customer Michael kors uk handbags provide logistics single copy of guarantee have logistics, purchase invoices, "inspection" at any time. Even if was found, counterfeits big returns. And consumers even though is a fake, it's hard to "return a compensate four". According to the regulation of electric business platform, if need to pay a four back need to issue the original factory technical appraisement, merchants admits that goods fake chat logs screenshots, brands appraisal report, the industrial and commercial bureau fake goods confiscated, certifying that goods are fake.
"Shop inspection" is just sounds very beautiful. Reporter has dialed the gucci, LV, longines brand in the mainland official calls were told that don't provide any product identification services to individuals, brands are Michael kors uk handbags some electric business platform sales products without authorization.
Imported from dangdang and amazon selling fake Michael Kors UK cosmetics, to the true and false of "global purchase" mixed, several big electric business platform in succession in the gun. Fake goods, whether online shopping platform in "the ostrich", become a focus of debate. There are even insiders believe that what is management oversight, or knowingly allowed, "it's hard to say clearly. "The inn in inn" sales butch, was not a question of a platform. In front of the fraud means counterfeits by continual exposure, Michael kors uk outlet who should be thoroughly investigate, a thorough review by who, but is still a question mark.
"The responsibility of pre-approved completely gave electricity company, which is difficult to achieve." Tongji university school of law, an associate professor at Liu Chunyan said, but electric business platform should first pay channels, there is a complaint to help consumers rights, and then recover from the third party.
Experts think, electricity for shops "sale" need to assume corresponding responsibility. Standing vice President of the Beijing consumers' rights and interests protection law society Qiu Baochang said, according to the new elimination, online shopping platform sales in the merchandise if it knows or should know it is false, do not take measures to block, need to be jointly and severally liable.
China electronic commerce research center director cao also said that the third-party merchants should be mainly investigate object, electric business platform proprietary procurement category also nots allow to ignore. Is not only a platform "first pass" should be as a gatekeeper, self-check, the administrative department also should be found from the transaction records, the background data. "Electricity cannot be an exception."
Expert proposal, for the platform should be Michael kors uk handbags classified management. Said Tang Jiancheng, deputy secretary-general of Michael kors uk outlet Shanghai city disappear is protected appoint, give priority to with "the inn in inn" platform, equivalent to the bazaar, management can be relatively loose; But the self-management and auxiliary "the inn in inn" platform, equivalent to a department store, should take the lead to achieve the first compensation, to increase its control of the dealer Michael Kors UK.